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Leader in Me
for Secondary Schools

5 Core Paradigms to SEE Differently

Educators begin to see their role, pupil potential, and the purpose of school culture in a new way


Everyone can be a leader
Not - Leadership is for the few


Change starts with me
Not - To improve schools, the system needs to change first


Develop the whole person
Not - Focus solely on academic 

Everyone has genius
Not - A few people are gifted


Educators empower pupils to lead their own learning
Not - Educators control and direct pupils learning. 

Establish a “whole-child” mindset with a belief that all pupils
have genius and everyone can be a leader.

Leader in Me provides secondary schools with a proven model and process that addresses common challenges that are unique to pupils during these years.

Parents, educators, and school administrators are concerned with their child’s physical, mental, social, and economic well-being, all of which are factors that can contribute to or hinder academic success.

Teachers, staff, and administrators at Leader in Me schools are empowered to provide support in all of these areas by creating a learning environment that addresses whole-child education with five (5) Core Paradigms.

These paradigms influence the behaviour of staff, students, and their families.

Pupil Leadership Courses

Smiling Teacher
Created By Educators,
for Educators
Leader in Me was created by a small group of passionate educators and continues to be adopted and shaped by a global community.

After receiving community feedback to improve her failing school in 1999, A.B. Combs Elementary principal Muriel Summers integrated Baldridge quality tools, the 7 Habits, and several other educational best practices to create a leadership model for her students. Since implementing this leadership model, A.B. Combs has been named the #1 Magnet School in America—twice. Since then, Leader in Me has been implemented by thousands of schools worldwide and continues to evolve towards better, more transformative processes based on feedback from a global community of educators. 

We have over 50 UK Primary and Secondary 'Leader in Me' schools thriving with us.

You could be next.

Now more than ever, pupils need to graduate with more than just academic grades.

Companies are raising the bar on hiring qualified candidates, high school students must develop 21st Century skills now in order to be more prepared for college, career, and life beyond academia. 

What Leader in Me schools DO

The Leader in Me framework provides a unique approach to integrating highly effective practices throughout a school’s culture.

Instead of focusing on academic measures alone, Leader in Me embodies a holistic approach to education, redefining how schools measure success.

This approach empowers educators with effective practices and tools to:

  • teach LEADERSHIP to every student,

  • create a CULTURE of student empowerment,

  • and align systems to drive results in ACADEMICS.

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