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Reading Book Together

Extra Curricular Club

Helping primary school pupils learn leadership habits they can apply at home and at school to help them cope with life's adversities. Learn key life skills to become resilient and life-ready.

Pupil wellness and success can now be supported through Leadership and Leader in Me Club

Morning or After-school sessions.

We can help!

Thriving Life Company along with FranklinCovey developed the Leader in Me Club which is an extra-curricular programme available on school premises before or after school for your pupils.

About Leader in Me Club

Each of the lessons is based on key principles, practices, and concepts from the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. This framework for personal leadership has inspired millions around the world to lead their own lives in a more effective way and inspire others to do the same.

Our fully trained coaches will lead the learning with a group of children, and will come away with better understanding and managing their emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships and make responsible decisions. Lessons are filled with powerful, engaging videos, stories, fun activities and games.

Prepared For Life
"We only get one chance to prepare children for a world that none of us can possibly predict. What are you going to do with that chance?"
Muriel Summers

Why Leader In Me After School

Life is busy, and it's often hard to have the family time we want, focus on our best teaching at home, take care of household chores, and keep up with everyone's needs and schedules. 
We can help! FranklinCovey developed the Leader In Me at home program to equip you and your family to be your best - even in the whirlwind of life.
Lessons in the program are filled with engaging videos, stories, fun activities, and games to help you get stronger as a family. 


  • Increased co-operation at school
  • Better relationships - less fights & arguments
  • Less behaviour problems & better problem solving
  • Increased trust, love and kindness
  • Improved listening, understanding, and empathy
  • Better time management for what matters most
  • More fun and meaningful family time
  • Unleash the potential of everyone to become their best selves
Best Friends

Empower your pupils to transform relationships and school life

Principle Based

School Life

This programme is based on Dr Stephen R. Covey's international bestselling book "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People." Throughout the world, these habits have been used by millions of people to transform the way they live, work, and pursue lasting effectiveness in life. 

Over the last 20 years, we have worked with educators around the world to implement Leader In Me at schools. Pupils learn and apply the 7 Habits routinely to become leaders - they learn to lead themselves, then lead others by helping and serving others.

Now, we've brought Leader In Me to your home - so you and your family can learn and live the 7 Habits to develop leadership skills, be prepared to navigate all of life's ups and downs, and achieve what matters most to you.
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