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Attract, retain, and develop your talent to increase innovation


The Problem

World class leadership and effectiveness content to up-skill your staff

Reading Skills
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The Challenge

The skills universities most need. NACE ranked career competencies in terms of need, based on a five point scale ranging from not essential to absolutely essential 
  • Critical thinking / problem solving 4.66
  • Teamwork / collaboration 4.48
  • Professionalism / work ethic 4.41
  • Oral / written communications 4.30
  • Digital technology 3.84
  • Leadership 3.65
  • Career management 3.38
  • Global / multi cultural fluency 2.78
How To Receive Training
Certification led by your programme directors
Led by a Thriving Life consultant
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Explore Professional Development for your staff by arranging a virtual call with us

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