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This Course is About Preparing pupils for Post-Secondary Education
Take Charge is structed around pupil learning outcomes that display cognitive, behavioural, and effective evidence that learning has occurred. This course is organised into eight sections:


  1. Foundation: Provides a vision and introduction for the course

  2. Take Charge of Your Time: Provides models for priority-setting and time management

  3. Take Charge of Your Health: Increases awareness of wellness strategies in areas such as nutrition, exercise, stress management, and situational awareness.

  4. Take Charge of Your Social Life: Introduces skills and paradigms that are essential to a pupil's ability to maintain a safe and healthy social life

  5. Take Charge of Your Contribution: Engage pupils in the ways they can make meaningful contributions and give back to their communities

  6. Take Charge of Your Learning: Provides pupils with the tools they need to adjust to the requirements of collegiate-level courses and assignments

  7. Take Charge of Getting in: Guides pupils through the college/university application process

  8. Take Charge of Your Finances: Provides pupils a simple framework for understanding and tackling finances in their own lives

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