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Taking Notes in Class

Testimonials for
The 7 Habits Of 
Effective People Course

Empty Classroom
Day School Teacher

Miss W, Headteacher

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People course has really transformed my approach to school, staff and pupils.  I find myself thinking which habit shall I use in this situation....

Music Teacher

Mr W, Headteacher

Truly unique course which has changed me personally and professionally: CPD that will always stay with me!


Mrs F, Executive Headteacher

As an experienced headteacher, I thought I had sampled every type of CPD, how wrong I was!  This enlightening leadership training was the best CPD I have ever undertaken as a leader.

Closeup of face of a person

Mrs W, Educational Sector Coach

The online version of the course was perfect for my own personal development..   The online course is professional, engaging and takes you on a clear journey of personal discovery.  Perfect for having time to pause in my busy life and reflect.

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