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Thriving Life Nursery 
in Esher, Surrey

Combining an early years character education and the

Welcome to our first Thriving Life Nursery (formally known as Little Sparrows) in Esher, Surrey.

Children starting nursery are at the beginning of a new stage in their lives where they are no longer toddlers, completely dependent upon their parents, but will begin to lead a life of their own for a short part of the day, to think and make choices for themselves. 

Having an environment that complements this early independence can only be a positive start for your child.

At the Thriving Life Nursery, we aim to enhance the development of children from the age of 2 until they start school, by learning through play in a safe, secure and stimulating environment where there is equal opportunity for all children.

Our Thriving Life Nursery with a Leader in Me approach aims to develop:

  •  Character

  •  Independence

  •  Social Skills

  •  Well-being

  •  Resilience

  •  Teamwork

Kids in Preschool

Interested in becoming 
A Thriving Life Nursery

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